Intro to the World of the Sugar Daddy

by CougarBaby


Dating an older man…

In my mind, this means sugar daddy. Otherwise, you’re just dating an old dude. Euw. ALL men are looking to have “fun” with some hot, young arm candy. SOME men deserve it. A deserving man, aka Sugar Daddy, is a man who is well established and who wants a mutually beneficial relationship. This is a man who will take you out and show you off. Fancy dinners, drinks at swanky clubs, theater, travel, shopping, etc. He is also the man who is willing, even eager, to “help” you with your life. Be a mentor, pay your bills, give you an allowance. Yay!!

What does he want in return? Well, your nubile young body for starters. That may be it. But he most likely will also want at least the pretense of affection. Look up to him. Admire him. Dote on him.

Since he’s probably married, he’s looking to you for the attention that he no longer gets from his wife. If he’s single, then he is the workaholic type who has no time or desire for a traditional relationship, but still wants female companionship. Basically, you are an ego boost, so start strokin’!

How do you find this man? Easy. There are a ton of sugar daddy websites. Google it up darlin’. Find a site that is free for women aka Sugar Babies. Find one (or more) and create a profile. It’s just like dating but better! Write up a nice profile that will tell the guy a bit about you as a person. Be sure to state clearly, but sweetly, what you are looking for and what you are offering…or NOT offering. To be clear, these sites are much like Tinder. The “hook-up” is implied. If you are not willing to have sex with your sugar daddy, you probably won’t have much luck.

Once you’ve set up your profile, work the site. Think of it as a cross between a dating site and a job search. Be yourself, to an extent. You still have to be happy after all. But also try to cater your replies and behavior to the desires of the potential SD. If you make first contact, keep it simple. Write something like, “Hi there! How are you? I read your profile and think we might be a good match.” Perhaps also add a little tidbit about yourself that you feel goes along with what he wrote. If you are not comfortable making the first move, that’s okay. He will see that you viewed his profile and if he’s interested, he will email you.

If you work this system well, you can really come out ahead. Lots of dates and whatever sex you want to have, along with gifts, clothes, shoes, jewelry, vacations, cash, rent, whathaveyou! And the more the merrier.

If you enjoy juggling, you can really score! Or, just get yourself one quality SD and juggle young, hot (free) guys on the side. Win win. Good luck!

For more information about how to set up a great profile, deal with emails and eventually meet these guys, please refer to my three part article on Online Dating. Those articles were meant for traditional dating sites like OkCupid or Match, but the info will transfer seamlessly to a Sugar Daddy site. 🙂




  1. Interesting. I’ve never had an official “sugar daddy”. I HAVE had guys that had a lot of money and occasionally liked to splurge a little on me, but none of them were old or giving me regular allowances or anything like that. I did just get back from a millionaire guy flying me to see him, but he’s my age and hot and it was just on a whim. 😉 I’m not sure I could do the sugar daddy thing. When a guy has spent money on me but I wasn’t that attracted to him, it was very difficult for me to stick it out.

  2. I kind of feel like not just any girl can go ahead and do this? I mean, sure anyone can try because it’s a free country, but the rich guys are probably going to pass over a nice, girl-next-door type and go for the super hot, slutty type. Isn’t that what it takes to have any success with this? I would never consider doing it for a few reasons, but one reason being I don’t fit that stereotype of a “sugar baby”.

  3. @Bulma78 nope. Not at all. There are all kinds of men who like all kinds of different girls. Yes, some will go for the very obvious, hot and slutty look. Just as many though, we’ll go for the clean-cut, wholesome, girl next-door look. Not every man wants people to think that their woman is bought and paid for. It is the “good girls” who can fulfill the girlfriend experience.

  4. Please forgive grammatical errors. I’m doing this on the run from my iPhone using talk to text. Sometimes Siri’s ears are clogged. ?

  5. I would do it if I genuinely liked the guy and was attracted to him. I couldn’t do it just for money. I have to admit it would be really nice to have someone kind of taking care of you in that way. I’ve never been a guy who wanted to offer that to me, but I’m a good person and I deserve it. It just seems like it would be a nice feeling – not a greedy feeling – but just a feeling of security and contentment.

  6. I think people make an interesting distinction here that I have never quite understood. All relationships have some transactional nature to them. Shit, even marriage for that matter. It is called a marriage CONTRACT for a reason.
    At least part of the reason a women is interested in a man for a relationship is because of his income or income potential. Find me a women that brags to her girlfriends about the awesome new garbage man she is dating and how great it is that he is done with work by midday.
    Take your average couple in their late 20s where his income is significantly higher than hers. (which is the case in 3 out of 4 relationships) and how much he might spend on her in a year. Birthday. Christmas. Valentines Day. Nice dinner out once a week. One vacation a year. 2-3 out-of-town weddings a year. A guy could EASILY spend $1K – $2K a month on average ABOVE WHAT SHE SPENDS during a year. How exactly is that different than a guy that is giving a $1,500 allowance to a woman?
    For a society and emotional point of view these things are different. But in reality, the guy paying an allowance is getting a WAY WAY better deal than the guy with the gf.
    I agree with CougarBaby in that if you can find a guy that you are attracted to and is happy to put money in your pocket, why not. Just understand that what comes with that money is a loss of control. You have now traded monetary currency with control. The reason the SugarDaddy is often OK with his role is that it gives him more control. Perhaps because he is married or perhaps because he simply wants to have more control in the relationship.
    To Bulma78s point, while it isn’t just about how young and attractive a women is, that IS a big part of it. The Girl Next Door or MILF type can find SugarDaddies but there are far fewer of them to pick from IMO.

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