Casual Dating Done Right

By Aphrodite


Perhaps you’ve come to a place in your life where you don’t have time to date, or you aren’t emotionally available for a relationship, but you still crave companionship. Then casual dating/friends with benefits might be the answer for you.

While it’s not safe to go to the bars or hop online for a quick hook up, there are better, safer ways when you’re in the mood. I like to call these men my “recycles” or “old faithfuls.” I know, sounds horrible but listen. Men have been using ladies and not being honest about it, well, forever. So as long as you are honest with these men, then I see nothing wrong.

The hard part is finding these men. I suggest putting each man you meet into one of two categories. Boyfriend material and non-boyfriend material. You know you’ve found the second if you think to yourself “I would never take this man home or to meet my friends.” All you’re looking for is sexual chemistry and a non-selfish lover. Believe me, there are a lot of men out there that get off on getting you off.

Not only be honest with these men but be honest with yourself. Question your intentions. Do not use casual dating as a way to get a boyfriend. These men are not looking for that. So if you are agreeing to no strings attached in hopes you’re going to land one of these unattainable bad boys, please rethink that strategy. If you enter one only wanting sex and then start to have feelings, just be honest. Who knows, he could feel the same. If not, then you can save yourself heartache and move on.

When you find the man you’d like to have as a sexual partner, be sure you’re on the same page. Set up your rules, limitations, and lastly be safe. Remember, if you have multiple partners so does he. I will leave you with my number one rule for casual dating: Do not call or text the next day, or expect either. Keep your feelings out if it. If you can’t, then get on Match.



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  1. I’m okay with online hookups but I take certain precautions, such as make the guy take me out, in a public place to make sure I want to sleep with him first. I also keep guys around for hookups that I would totally take home to my friends! 😉 I guess each person has their own little requirements, but I also need guys I have sex with to at the bare minimum send thank you I had a great time texts afterwards.

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