See a word, phrase, or acronym on this blog you don’t understand? Just find it below in the alphabetical listing.

(A more detailed and male-centric version of his glossary appears at the Blackdragon Blog.)

Alpha – Generic term for Alpha Male. There are two kinds, 1.0 and 2.0. Both types are the opposite of a beta.

Alpha Male 1.0 – The usual type of Alpha Male most people are familiar with. A man with all the characteristics of an Alpha Male 2.0, but who is not outcome independent. The Alpha 1.0 is a strong, usually successful, confident man who can get women, but who also often and quickly gets upset and offended when a woman he wants rejects him or doesn’t act in accordance with his desires.

Alpha Male 2.0 – An extremely confident, non-needy, outcome independent man who can quickly and easily get sex and love from women whenever he wants without having to promise anything to anyone. A man who does what he wants, whenever we wants, regardless of what other people want for him or tell him.

Beta – Beta male. A man who chooses to be dominated by the woman he’s in a relationship with. A man who usually follows orders and desires from her, either happily or reluctantly with complaining. Betas are usually very affectionate and full of oneitis. Some betas are actually former Alphas.

Betaization – The slow process by which a woman transforms a man she’s in a relationship with from an Alpha to a beta, usually by means of drama, demands, rules, sex (giving or withholding), or threats.

Dominant – A type of woman, the loose feminine equivalent of an Alpha 1.0. A strong woman with an inflexible list of standards and rules the man in her life must adhere to, or else she gets offended or upset. Represents most women in the modern era.

Drama – Any harsh negative actions directed from a woman to man where the man is the target of said negativity. Screaming, nagging, complaining, arguing, demands, crying “at you”, threats, ultimatums, the “silent treatment”, refusing sex because of non-medical reasons, all of these things are drama, and there are many others. Drama is not “anything negative”. Specifically, it must be harsh (sweetly lying would not be considered drama) and focused at the man (angrily complaining about her boss at work would not be considered drama). Drama is a female trait. (Men have guy-drama, described below.)

EFA – Early Frame Announcement. The strongly conveyed but unspoken overall message to the other person, non-verbally conveying who you are and why you’re there. Your EFA begins on the first second of the first date and continues for at least three months before it can be softened if necessary.

Examples of EFA include: A nervous, talkative guy on a first date is demonstrating the EFA of a beta. A guy constantly telling a woman she’s pretty, buying her dinner and flowers, and getting upset when she talks about other men would be the EFA of a monogamous boyfriend. A guy who acted like he didn’t care, confidently talked about sex, and had lots of pretty girls all over his Facebook page would be the EFA of an Alpha. People will usually subconsciously conform their behaviors and expectations to fit the EFA of the person they’re interacting with.

FB – Fuck Buddy or Friend with Benefits. A person you’re having sex with at least semi-regularly who is just a friend. There are no romantic feelings or intentions. Spending time with an FB in non-sexual situations is minimal (otherwise, he becomes an MLTR). One can have multiple FBs.

Guy-Drama – A particular form of drama directed from a man to a woman. Unlike drama, which is feminine and takes many forms, guy-drama takes the form of a lecture issued in order to correct behavior. “Setting her straight”, “straightening her out”, “laying down the law”, commands to “respect” him, or issuing “rules” are all forms of guy-drama.

Independent – A type of woman, the very loose feminine equivalent of an Alpha 2.0. An independent, strong, happy, busy woman who doesn’t concern herself with what the man in her life does when she’s not around. She never issues demands or rules to men despite her stronger nature. Independents tend to be more rare in society, representing only about 10% of women. (Most women prefer to be Dominants or Submissives.)

LTR – Long Term monogamous Relationship. The “standard” type of relationship, heavily encouraged by societal programming. A relationship where monogamy is practiced by both partners, either happily or reluctantly. Monogamous boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, monogamous live-in relationships, and normal marriage are all forms of LTR. In the modern era, LTRs are prone to drama, cheating, and in the case of long-term LTRs, extreme sexual boredom, particularly in the case of the female.

MLTR – Multiple Long Term Relationships. The typical type of polyamorous relationship. A man you’re dating nonmonogamously who you do actually care about at an emotional level. You are romantic with him and care for him far more than just a friend (you may even love him), but you date and care for other men as well. A woman can have multiple MLTRs.

NRE – New Relationship Energy. The temporary, short-lasting, overwhelming feeling of joy one experiences when first dating a new person, usually not lasting longer than several months (though it can be artificially extended out to a year or so if people get married or have a baby together). Often referred to as the “honeymoon period”. NRE is likely the most powerful positive emotion a human being can feel, stronger even than love, but it is extremely temporary. NRE often leads to poor decision-making and oneitis, and is the cause of many divorces, breakups, and drama if not properly managed.

OLTR – Open Long Term Relationship. A very serious relationship, equivalent to a serious boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, where you are are fully in love with and are committed to one special person but you both are allowed to have sex with other people on the side as long as they’re only FBs or a one night stands. This differs from MLTR where side-lovers can be “more” than just an FB.

Oneitis – 1. A set of actions and behaviors where a someone does things in order to get one particular girl or guy or “not lose” one particular girl or guy, at the expense of pursuing other people and/or at the expense of their own freedom and happiness. 2. Any non-minor compromise a you makes to a a romantic partner (either to “get him” or to “not lose him”) that will immediately or eventually restrict your own freedom or damage your happiness.

Submissive – A type of woman, the loose female equivalent of a beta. A woman who tends to like the man in her life take charge and make most (though not all) the decisions. She tends to be uncomfortable with, and turned off by, men who don’t take charge of things with her.